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  • What’s Cooking In Our Facebook Community: 9/26/19 to 10/6/19

    Posted October 14th, 2019 by

    It’s a rare condition, this day and age, to read any good news on your internet page. Unless you’ve happened to stumble upon the Cooking Light Diet Facebook Community, that is!

    In all seriousness, the internet is a dark and twisted hellscape of toxicity. And because of that, there are rules to follow:

    1. Never read the comments.
    2. Don’t click on a link if you don’t know where it goes.
    3. Always clear your cookie history, or targeted ads will follow you to your grave.

    Fortunately, none of those rules apply in our Facebook Community. On the contrary, we like to refer to it as the happiest corner of the internet. Members there are almost unanimously kind, effusive, supportive, hilarious, and inspiring. And they absolutely love sharing what they’re cooking! Here’s a small sample of the internet’s happiest community. For more, make sure and join our Facebook Community, or subscribe to the Cooking Light Diet at the bottom of this post.

    The Perfect Fall Dish is HERE

    Put down your keyboards, ladies and gents. If you were searching for the best fall recipe, Christy Price already found it. Bonus: it’s teenager-approved. Cheers, Christy!

    Click here for Inspiration

    We shared out the emotional and uplifting story of member Shannon Melnick. If you want to be inspired today, hers is a story you definitely read.

    First Dinner Success

    New member Diana Whitaker shared her first dinner off her meal plan, and it was a hit! She says the Sheet Pan Parmesan “Fried” Chicken with Broccoli and Sweet Potato Wedges (that’s a mouthful) came together nicely and did not disappoint. Here’s to the first of many, many dinners, Diana!

    We Do (Superfast) Lunch, Too

    If you’re looking for superfast lunches, you’ve come to the right place! Nikki Morgan can attest to that, as her speedy rollups took less than 10 minutes to prepare.

    Why Dine Out When You Can Dine In?

    Sure, you can buy some Sweet and Sour Chicken from your local carryout place. OR, you could do what Susanne Hensel-Goodwin did and just whip up a healthier, homemade version yourself.

    A Meal Worth The Effort

    Member Mary Gresham Dee shared a meal that she said took time to come together, but was well worth what she put in. It certainly looks like it was worth the wait, Mary!

    Diet + Meal Plan = Cheeseburgers?

    Yes, you can eat healthy and still eat cheeseburgers for dinner. Need proof? Just ask Sue Given.

    Welcome Back, Pat!

    A regular poster in the Facebook Community, Patricia Reidy Lawrence is back on the Diet after some health concerns, and she’s happy and ready to start eating mindfully again. So glad to have you back, Pat!

    More Than Just Meal Planning

    And we’ll leave you with a post that serves as a reminder that this Community isn’t strictly “diet food.” Our members, like Susanne Hensel-Goodwin (hi again, Susan!), have sweet teeth, too. They just indulge more mindfully—Susan managed to make this Apple Cake recipe lighter than we did! Hoped she saved us a piece…

    If you like the sound of eating tartines, sweet and sour chicken, and more on your weight-loss journey, click the button below. And don’t forget to join our Facebook Community to see what’s happening there on a daily basis. 

    *Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose 1/2 lb. per week.