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  • 7 Reasons to Join the Cooking Light Diet Facebook Community

    Posted September 5th, 2019 by

    Images from Cooking Light Diet Facebook community

    Community is a powerful word. It evokes a sense of belonging, of comfort and fellowship. If you’re part of a community, it means you’re a piece of a greater whole. It’s a word all of us can relate to, whether we’re referencing our neighborhood, our coworkers, our place of origin, or our friends. Most importantly, it’s a word that means we’re not alone. And in this gigantic, scary world where our only certainties are constant change and a finite shelf life, knowing we’re not alone is a big deal.

    That’s precisely why we created our Facebook Community. We wanted a space where our members could feel seen, heard, and comforted. I mean, let’s be honest…we’re dealing with weight loss. It’s no easy thing to accomplish, let alone talk about openly. It’s highly stigmatized. And the judgment—oh man, the judgment! Point being, if you want to talk about your struggles with food and weight, you might find that one of the last things other people want to do is, well, talk about it.

    Ergo, we’ve cultivated a community space where people could safely do just that. Our members share their triumphs, their stumbles, their motivations, and more on a daily basis. Here’s a small sample of what our community is all about.

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    Michele Finds a Favorite Snack…And Makes Her Favorite Burger

    If you’re using a meal-planning service and not finding new favorite recipes, what are you even paying for?! That’s not a question Michele Handal-Werner has to ask! Not only did she find a new favorite snack this week…

    Images from Cooking Light Diet Facebook community

    …but she also got to enjoy her favorite burger recipe. Hope you saved one for us, Michele!

    Images from Cooking Light Diet Facebook community

    Treat Yourself…In Moderation

    Patricia Reidy Lawrence let the community know that sometimes when you get a craving you have to just go with it! But that doesn’t mean that you have to feel guilty about it. Moderation is key (a scale and a hungry husband don’t hurt to have around, either).

    Images from Cooking Light Diet Facebook community

    Charles Asks…And The Community Responds

    New member Charles Parell asked the community if he should sign up for the Cooking Light Diet and if anyone had tips, comments, or recommendations for his weight-loss journey. Well, Charles got a lot of responses. Marcia Sloat gave the CLD a thumps up and told Charles it saves her time and is a breeze to use…

    Images from Cooking Light Diet Facebook community

    …while Brenda Law said the price point and variety can’t be beat.

    Images from Cooking Light Diet Facebook community

    And we couldn’t bring up the replies without sharing what Cynthia Moran had to say. Three years of maintaining a 50+ pound weight loss with the Diet? WOW.

    Images from Cooking Light Diet Facebook community

    Who Needs Delivery?

    If you have a pizza delivery app downloaded on your phone, delete it right now. Susanne Hensel-Goodwin shared pics of the Four-Mushroom Pesto Pizza she made from her meal plan, and…dang. Who needs delivery when you can cook something this cheesy and fantastic at home?

    Images from Cooking Light Diet Facebook community

    Pass The Wine, Hold The Guilt

    Meanwhile, back over to Patricia Lawrence, who has figured out the key to living a good life.

    Step 1: Hakuna Chicken Piccata.

    Step 2: Guilt-free wine.

    We raise our wine glass to you, Pat!

    Images from Cooking Light Diet Facebook community

    Send Your Husband To Our House Please, Nikki

    Sometimes the food people make using their Cooking Light Diet menus looks so good, we get jealous. Case in point: this Beef and Broccoli Bowl Nikki Morgan’s husband whipped up. Red rover, red rover, send Nikki’s husband right over…so he can recreate this masterpiece for us.

    Images from Cooking Light Diet Facebook community

    Trust Her. She’s a Doctor

    Lastly, we’ll leave you in the capable hands of Dr. Lauren Aronson. She reminded the community that balance is paramount, and that it’s important to not beat yourself up when trying to lose weight. Thank you for the wise words, doc!

    Images from Cooking Light Diet Facebook community

    For more posts and engagement from our Facebook Community, be sure and sign up here. If you’re interested in meal planning with the Cooking Light Diet, click the button below. Cheers!

    *Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose 1/2 lb. per week.