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    Posted February 27th, 2020 by

    new recipes on the Cooking Light Diet

    Ever heard the idiom “the proof is in the pudding?” I’ve heard it dozens of times throughout my life. Although I had a cursory understanding of what it meant, I recently did some digging to get a better understanding. Turns out, this idiom has undergone a slight revision over the years. The original saying went “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” As is our wont as evolving humanoids, we shortened this proverb over the years to its current iteration. And what it means is that you had to try out food to know whether it was good.

    Where am I going with this?

    Well, you might be here because you’ve heard of the Cooking Light Diet and you’re wondering whether or not the meal-planning service is worth paying for. Is the food good? Does it actually help people lose weight? Is there enough variety? Are the meals something I can feed my family, too? Luckily for anyone asking those questions, there are answers. On our site, we include a brief survey asking people to rate their Cooking Light Diet experience on a scale from 1-10. Not only can they assign their experience a numerical value, but they can also go into detail about what they do (or don’t) like about it.

    To that end, we’ve reviewed our survey replies from respondents over the first two months of 2020. And if you’re asking yourself, “Should I sign up for the Cooking Light Diet?” Well…

    The proof is in the pudding.

    Lives are Being Changed

    In her survey response, Cooking Light Diet member Andrea hit on all the reasons it’s working for her and her family.

    meal-planning service replies

    Likewise, Sara loves that this has given her one less thing to worry about going forward (sounds like she’s subscribed to our Dinners Only plan).

    meal-planning service comments

    The Food is Delicious

    If you’re asking Christine and her husband what they think about the pudding, you’re going to be really excited to subscribe to the Cooking Light Diet.

    meal-planning service comments

    Meanwhile, Kim said the recipes she’s cooked are nothing short of revelatory.

    meal-planning service comments

    And Trisha said she hasn’t had one bad recipe yet. Music to our ears, Trisha!meal-planning service comments

    Weight Loss Success

    Give the people what they want: Delicious meals that help them lose weight. That’s been our standard since launching the Cooking Light Diet, and if you ask Peg, she’ll tell you that’s exactly what we do.

    meal-plan service comments

    Plenty of Variety

    If you want a variety of recipes that never leave you feeling hungry after you eat them, Cooking Light Diet member Jennifer would like you to try the pudding.


    If you want time-saving and variety…Rene echoes what Jennifer had to say.

    meal-planning service

    Linda brought up a great point about variety, too. With the Cooking Light Diet, you can search for recipes based on your preferences or what you want to use up.

    meal-planning service

    What’s Not to Like?

    If the folks above haven’t been effusive enough about the pudding for you, maybe Abby will help.

    meal-planning service

    Or, if you’re looking to check several boxes, Kathy says the Cooking Light Diet is the meal plan for you.

    meal-planning service

    Cooking Light Diet member Melissa calls it “fabulous” and then some.

    meal-planning service

    While we would definitely hesitate to call our perfect or a cure-all, Rhodes sure does seem to like it a lot.

    meal-planning service

    And Mary Jane hit the nail on the head, subsequently inspiring this header (thank you, Mary Jane).

    meal-planning service

    Worth the $38 for 6 Months

    Is it worth what we’re charging? Well, feel free to see what Darlene said…

    meal-planning service

    Or Scott.

    meal-planning service

    So there you have it! The proof in many of our member’s puddings. For more information on the Cooking Light Diet, join our Community on Facebook, or subscribe today at the link below.

    *Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose 1/2 lb. per week.