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  • Cooking Light Diet Made Weight Loss ‘Effortless’ For This North Carolina Couple

    Posted January 6th, 2022 by

    Together, they’ve lost 65 pounds since April!

    Life is hard! Between work, family, and the little stressors that arise each day, it’s easy to overlook things like meal planning, cooking, and exercise. However, prioritizing those needs are incredibly important for overall health and happiness — just ask Denise Duffy. The 58-year-old mom and nonprofit managing director decided to make Cooking Light Diet a cornerstone of her self-care plan in April of 2021, and since then she and her husband, Tim, have lost a combined 65 pounds! Read on to find out more about the couple’s success factors, favorite recipes, and advice for anyone looking to start Cooking Light Diet.

    How would you describe your lifestyle before starting Cooking Light Diet?

    “Family meals, holidays, and gatherings with friends were very much centered on food — it’s how we celebrate and nurture each other. While I have always served nutritious, high-quality food, I also tend to save and consume larger portions than my body really needs. I love variety and like to experiment with new recipes often, which are often richer in fat and calories than is healthy for daily consumption.”

    What has been the most rewarding part of Cooking Light Diet?

    “The flexible meal planning tools make it effortless for me to fill the week with a satisfying, diverse array of foods that the entire family can enjoy. I can plan and generate my shopping list in less than 15 minutes. In a busy week, I can spend another 10 minutes ordering groceries for delivery and have everything done in half an hour. I know the meals that are quick fixes for nights I get home late, so I resist the urge to give up on cooking and just order pizza. The recipes are so delicious than I never feel deprived or have to eat some ‘sad’ meal that is bland and tasteless.”

    Are there any recipes that have really stood out to you?

    “There are so many great recipes that it is hard to pick favorites. The cheesy Slow-Cooker Meatloaf is a huge favorite with my husband and son. Bourbon-Glazed Salmon is another fabulous quick meal.”


    What tips would you offer for someone else starting Cooking Light Diet?

    “Staring a new meal plan is always daunting. For me, making new recipes for three meals a day was too much cooking and shopping. So, I picked a few breakfast and lunch ideas that I repeated throughout the week and took full advantage of the variety of dinner choices to make the evening meal special on a daily basis.”

    Did Cooking Light Diet help you reach your goals for 2021?

    “I have been unhappy with my weight for many years and was continuing to gain three to five pounds a year. The Cooking Light Diet helped me stop that train while making meal planning, shopping, and cooking easier than ever. Cooking Light meals are a big part of my self-care plan. When I make these meals, walk, and meditate every day, I feel terrific. I am going to continue following the plan, just because I feel so good and I don’t have to wrack my brain trying to figure out what to eat every night!”

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