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  • Can This Diet Work For Me AND My Spouse?

    Posted December 28th, 2020 by

    delicious diet for two

    This post discusses how the Cooking Light Diet can be used to create healthy meals for two.

    It’s that time again: With a new year on the horizon, a lot of us are reflecting on (and regretting) the food decisions we’ve made over the past couple weeks/months/year. January brings with it the promise of a fresh start, and folks everywhere are resolving to abstain from the bad habits they’ve created and trying instead to cultivate more mindful practices. And for so many people, that mindfulness is tied to what and how they’ve been eating. So, we’re about to see a lot of folks fundamentally change the way they eat.

    But for many people, there’s a roadblock in place between themselves and healthier habits: their significant other. How do you start a diet or change the way you eat daily when there are two mouths to feed? If your spouse is a picky eater, how can you circumvent their particular palate so that you can make a sustainable change in how you eat?

    Easy. You sign up for the Cooking Light Diet.

    Healthy Meals for Two?

    The question we’ve posed above is one many people, like Brenda Jernigan, struggle with this time of year. It can be incredibly difficult to commit to a new way of eating when the other person eating is either discouraging or disparaging the process. And that’s something Brenda herself was aware of when she posted to our Facebook Community back in October. She wanted to know if the Cooking Light Diet is something that could work for her despite the fact that she and her husband have vastly different taste preferences.

    healthy meals for two on the Cooking Light Diet

    So with her question posed, Brenda waited to see if her question could be answered. Can she please both of them with the Cooking Light Diet? Well, she didn’t have to wait long before one of our superusers, Sue Given, emphatically stated that yes, she thinks it would work for Brenda and her husband.

    healthy meals for two on the Cooking Light Diet

    Not only did Sue say the variety would be enough to appease Brenda and her husband, but she also explained to Brenda how to swap out meals they wouldn’t like. And she emphasized how much her family of six has enjoyed eating the meals together, saying they’ve never once complained!

    Expand Your Palate

    More members responded after Sue encouraged Brenda, too. Liz Striegl, who together with her husband has lost over 130 pounds, suggested that the meal plan would help Brenda step out of her comfort zone.

    healthy meals for two on the Cooking Light Diet

    Sub, Swap, or Omit

    Melissa Fitzgerald Karlovitch told Brenda she has a similar disdain for onions, and omitting them hasn’t caused any issues with her Diet subscription.

    healthy meals for two on the Cooking Light Diet

    And then Patricia Reidy Lawrence reiterated the ease of omitting or subbing ingredients to still enjoy the menus. Not only that, but Patricia said there is an abundance of super fast recipes, she’s started eating things she never liked before, and her husband loves the food. Lots of reasons to join, Brenda!

    healthy meals for two on the Cooking Light Diet

    Lastly, Marcia Sloat let Brenda know that she wasn’t sure about preferences, but she was sure her husband enjoys the meals.

    healthy meals for two on the Cooking Light Diet

    Brenda’s Verdict

    With all of this helpful input taken into consideration, how did Brenda respond? By signing up for the Cooking Light Diet, of course! Here’s hoping you and your husband love the meals, Brenda. Thanks so much for joining.

    If you’re wanting to change how you eat for the better—and you want your spouse to enjoy the food, too—the consensus is clear: Subscribe to the Cooking Light Diet and start receiving your customizable meal plans today.

    Sign up below to start your new way of life. Your spouse, your tastebuds, and your waistline won’t regret it.

    *Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose 1/2 lb. per week.