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  • Yes, You Can Actually Lose Weight On This Meal Plan

    Posted December 28th, 2020 by

    *This post addresses how the Cooking Light Diet is a lose-weight diet plan.

    Since the Cooking Light Diet was launched, we’ve been fortunate to share dozens and dozens of success stories. Whether our members are saving money at the grocery store, feeding hungry teenagers, or losing lots of weight and maintaining that loss, we’re incredibly proud to provide a service deemed life-changing in so many ways by so many people.

    But not everyone has heard of the Cooking Light Diet. Even the most loyal of Cooking Light readers are still just now discovering our meal-planning service. Take, for instance, Sandy Sarin Lawler. A self-proclaimed fan of CL “for many years,” Sandy had just discovered our Facebook Community. Intrigued, she asked members a very important question: Is this really working for you?

    Cooking Light Diet, the lose weight diet plan

    That’s a great question, Sandy. After all, if your intended objective is to lose weight, it’s extremely beneficial to know if other people are having success doing exactly that. So, how did our Facebook Community respond to Sandy’s question?

    4 Years of 30 Pounds Lost

    Patricia Reidy Lawrence emphatically answered Sandy, saying not only that she lost weight, but that with the help of the Cooking Light Diet, she’s kept it off for almost four years.

    Cooking Light Diet, the lose weight diet plan

    Weight Loss and A Variety of Foods to “Looooove”

    Those extra Os come from Tara Leigh, who told Sandy she’s lost weight and has really, really enjoyed the food. Tara also mentioned she’s doing the Dinners Only plan, meaning she’s been successfully losing weight using only one CLD meal a day.

    Cooking Light Diet, the lose weight diet plan


    60 Pounds and 4 Years Later

    Then came Joan Rasmussen, who told Sandy she’s lost 60 pounds and kept it off for a long time. Joan let Sandy know the Facebook Community is a great place for support, too, and that she’s now mainly using her meal plans for dinner suggestions. Congrats on the success, Joan!

    Cooking Light Diet, the lose weight diet plan

    It Works, and Here’s Proof

    Lori Dominick took a different approach to answering Sandy’s question. Instead of embellishing on her success in the comments, she kindly provided Sandy a link to her own success storyCooking Light Diet, the lose weight diet plan

    “Never Felt or Ate Better”

    That was how Cyndie Moran responded to Sandy’s question. Cyndie let Sandy know she’s maintained her goal weight going on three years, and her eating habits are significantly improved.

    Cooking Light Diet, the lose weight diet plan

    Doctor Approved

    Lastly, Dr. Lauren Appell Aronson chimed in. She let Sandy know the Cooking Light Diet helped her lose 25 pounds before her wedding, and that yes, this works.

    Cooking Light Diet, the lose weight diet plan

    Those are just some of the many, many reasons people like Sandy (who signed up!) are inviting the Cooking Light Diet into their homes. Best of luck to you, Sandy! We’re with you every step of the way.

    Cultivate your own success story! Head to the link below and sign up using our Get Started button today.

    *Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose 1/2 lb. per week.