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  • How-To: Use the PLAN Page

    Posted January 11th, 2018 by

    This article references how to use our PLAN page on a laptop, desktop, or tablet. 

    One thing we pride ourselves on here at the Cooking Light Diet is how we’ve always relied almost exclusively on community member feedback when it comes to making changes or updates to our site. After months of hard work, we recently launched an all-new site design which allows members to see their whole week—breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner—at a glance, makes it easier to schedule in swaps and leftovers, and integrates a whole new feature for favoriting recipes: My Cookbook.

    This will be the first of several posts aimed to help members new and old familiarize themselves with the new tools/features found on CookingLightDiet.com. These articles will be lengthy and full of screenshots, but should aid you in utilizing all our site’s tools. If at anytime a member has questions that go beyond what we delve into here, we’re always available via email: feedback@cookinglightdiet.com. Thanks for your support, and we hope you’ll enjoy the new site!

    The first of our three site pillars (the other two being SHOP and COOK), PLAN is where you can really dig in and customize your menus. Whether you decide not to cook a recipe and want to swap it for something else, want to schedule the same meal for the entire week, indicate you’re having leftovers—this is where you do it.

    Swapping a recipe
    Let’s say you don’t want to cook a suggested recipe. For example, I don’t really want to make Strawberry Cream Cheese Waffle Sandwiches for whatever reason.

    So the first thing I would do is click the Swap recipe button. It’s the button that looks like two arrows going in a circle.

    This gives you a variety of options: Suggestions, My Cookbook, My Meal History, Dine Out, and Leftovers. So if you’d rather indicate you’re dining out or having leftovers, this is where you’d now indicate that. I’d rather just cook something else, so I’ll click Suggestions.

    This causes a popup to appear with alternate recipe suggestions.

    The Berries and Beets Smoothie looks like a great recipe. If I wanted to schedule it for a different day, I’d click the Schedule again icon (looks like a calendar) and select the dates I want to prepare this recipe. Since I want to schedule it for Wednesday, though, I’ll just click the Select button on the recipe I want.

    This automatically updates my menu, and voila—I’m now having the Berries and Beets Smoothie on Wednesday!

    If you want to swap recipes to a different day, click the recipe image and drag it to the desired day. Recipe images are the drag “target,” so clicking and holding on the image enables you to move it around to the desired date.

    Make a recipe again
    Let’s say I enjoyed a recipe so much I want to make it again. In this example, we’ll use Skillet Apple Chicken Thighs. All I need to do to put it into my menus again is click the Schedule again button on the recipe card—it’s the button that looks like a calendar.

    This generates a popup that gives me dates to schedule it. I plan on making it again tomorrow (I’ve already got spare ingredients), so I click the button corresponding with the date I want to make it. I’ll then click the blue save button in the bottom right corner.

    I’ve now (easily) scheduled a recipe again!

    Favorite a recipe
    If you enjoyed a recipe so much you want to save it for later, you can now do that easier than ever. Favorites are now stored in a section of the site titled My Cookbook. Here’s how you can favorite and then find a recipe there.

    To favorite a recipe, just click the Add to My Cookbook button on the recipe card. It’s the icon that looks like a book with a bookmark hanging over the cover.

    The Add to My Cookbook icon will turn blue if you’ve successfully favorited the recipe.

    To find the recipe/schedule it again, head to your User Menu. You access User Menu by clicking the icon in the top-right corner with your name on it. This pulls up a dropdown menu of options. Click My Cookbook.

    You’ll then be able to easily locate favorited recipes by meal category! Whenever you want to make a favorite again, just use the Schedule again button as discussed above.

    Search for a recipe
    The Search bar can be found regardless of whether you’re in PLAN, SHOP, or COOK. If you’re trying to find a specific recipe or are searching for a recipe that incorporates an ingredient you want to use up, this tool is your best friend. Type the name of the recipe or ingredient you’re looking for into the bar and then press enter or click the magnifying glass icon in the bar.

    This will populate a listing of where that recipe/ingredient occurs in each meal type. From here, you can either Schedule again or Add to My Cookbook.

    Plan more than one week at a time
    Some folks like to meal plan or shop ahead for two weeks at a time. If you’re one of those people, doing so is easy. Just scroll to the bottom of your PLAN page until you see a button that says +Show next week. Click that button.

    This will expand your menu to show next week’s menu, giving you more options to move around.

    Prevent a recipe from appearing in your menus
    If you know that there’s no way you’re going to make a particular recipe, you can now easily keep it from appearing in future menus. On the recipe card in question, click the three vertical dots for More Options.

    Here you’re given two options: Don’t show this again, and Print Meal. If you know you don’t want to see this recipe again, click Don’t show this again.

    This recipe will no longer show up in your menus or appear as a suggestion on the PLAN page, but you’ll still be able to find the recipe using the Search bar. And if you accidentally indicated you didn’t want to see a recipe, you can find it using the Search tool, and use the same More Options menu to select “Add to suggestions” so it schedules again.

    Print a recipe or recipes
    When printing recipes from your PLAN page, it’s important to remember to use the print prompts on our site. We automatically format recipes into downloadable PDFs so you can save the recipe to your device and print again when needed. Attempting to print through your browser will mess with the formatting of the recipe, resulting in wasted ink and paper. And since we format the recipes into downloadable PDFs, it’s important for you to know where your computer stores your downloaded files, as you’ll find whatever you’ve just elected to print there.

    If you want to print one recipe from the PLAN page, you can easily use the More Options button listed above. If you want to print multiple recipes at a time, your first step is to find the Print Recipes and Menus buttonNow click it.

    Next, select what you want to print: Recipes, Breakfast Menus, Lunch Menus, Dinner Menus, or Snack Menus. If you want to select a combination of all your meal types, select Print Recipes.

    This brings you to a grid layout. You can select which recipes you want to print by checking the box next to it so that it turns blue. You can also click on the day or meal type to select or deselect entire columns. Once you’re happy with your print selection, click the blue Print button conveniently located in both the upper and lower right corners.

    This will create a downloadable PDF of whichever recipes you elected to print. Find your downloaded files.

    Open the download, and then you can easily print selected recipes.

    We hope you found this helpful and informative. Email us here with any questions, and if you haven’t joined yet, start your journey with the Cooking Light Diet below! Cheers.