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  • How To Use Weight Watchers With The Cooking Light Diet

    Posted January 3rd, 2019 by

    How to Use Weight Watchers with the Cooking Light Diet . Credit: Getty Images/courtneyk

    Eating food that satisfies makes a huge difference when it comes to losing weight and maintaining that loss. But, I totally understand people’s doubt when I tell them this. How successful can you really be if your eating plan has flexibility and a “no foods off-limits” approach?

    It turns out…pretty successful! AND, much more than a restrictive diet. In fact, a 2016 study suggests that two of the most important factors in a program for long-term success are:

    1. Feeling satisfied while getting results
    2. Using a long-term lifestyle approach whose focus isn’t strictly food

    Two programs I rely on daily that are built around those principles are WW and the Cooking Light Diet. Using them together may sound odd, but the combination allows me to enjoy foods I love while still also meeting my health and weight goals. Plus, I can maintain a healthy relationship with food. And, as it turns out, I’m not alone. Check out what these Cooking Light Diet Community members shared about their experience utilizing both programs:

    “I’ve found that the points I’m allowed works perfectly with the Cooking Light Diet, especially with the WW “free” foods. The Cooking Light Diet provides me with the meals to reach my goal and stay there, and WW helps with the accountability. When the topic of meal planning comes up at WW, I always share how easy and delicious the Cooking Light Diet makes things!” – Cyndie Moran

    “The Cooking Light Diet’s variety makes WW so much more doable!” – Edie Suire

    The Cooking Light Diet enables you to be even more successful while following the WW plan. The reason? While WW provides the guidelines for healthy eating, the Cooking Light Diet makes it easy to incorporate recipes and menus into your weekly routine thanks to resources like these:

    Access to Thousands of Recipes.

    You’ll have access to Cooking Light recipes, as well as recipes developed exclusively for the Cooking Light Diet, that fit within your daily SmartPoints goal.

    Meal planning is done for you.

    Each week, a new menu is generated that aligns closely with your daily SmartPoints goal. Use as much or as little of the menus as you want. Meals have a whole-food approach with occasional convenience items thrown in when they can save time or streamline preparation.

    Meals are customized.

    Need dairy-free or vegetarian menus? Not a problem! The Cooking Light Diet allows you to specify preferences and diet needs such as gluten-free, peanut-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, tree-nut free, and their lower-carb SmartCarb plan. Then customize your weekly menu, swap out recipes for ones you’d rather prepare, and choose whether you want dinner to serve 4 to 5, or 2.

    Everyone can eat the same dinner.

    Swap recipes within the meal plan based on your family’s preferences. Add in sides to make meals also work for kids and spouses. Then, generate a grocery list! Meals are family-friendly, so you aren’t cooking two different dinners each night.

    Variety is increased.

    When you’re focused on SmartPoints, it’s easy to get caught up in numbers and forget to consider nutrition. The Cooking Light Diet plans these details into your menus, so you get your five servings of fruits and vegetables, and get options containing healthy fats for satiety and flavor.

    Additional support.

    You can never have too much support! The support you get at WW’s meetings and in their online community is amazing. But, you’ll also receive additional support when you join the Cooking Light Diet Facebook Community, which is one of the most uplifting corners of the internet in terms of support and motivation. And you gain access to our customer service channels and our team of registered dietitians when questions or concerns arise.

    Ready to start using Weight Watchers with the Cooking Light Diet? Here’s how!
    1. Sign up for the Cooking Light Diet at the link below.
    2. Use your WW daily SmartPoints goal to approximate your daily calorie intake. If you need help, ask your WW leader for an approximate calorie-to-SmartPoints ratio. Then enter that as your calorie goal while setting up your CLDiet profile.
    3. Select any special diet needs (or food restrictions) for menus to be planned around.
    4. Then, watch your inbox or login to see your weekly CLDiet meal plan. Browse recipes, swap out dinners, move meals around—or plan leftovers—then customize and print your shopping list.
    5. Calculate SmartPoints values of recipes you’ve planned, and make changes to ingredients or amounts to change points values as desired.
    6. Go shopping, and then enjoy eating delicious food while losing weight!

    So what are you waiting for?! Start using the Cooking Light Diet with your WW subscription today! 

    *This article written by Carolyn Williams, our award-winning registered dietitian and lead nutritionist