Taco Tuesday… Every Day for a Year

Taco Tuesday, featuring Grilled Buffalo Chicken Tacos

Taco Tuesday loving Edward Ferrentino is no stranger to Cooking Light. He’s enjoyed the magazine for fifteen years and even has a favorite chili recipe that’s won him several chili cook-offs. So, it’s no surprise that the Cooking Light Diet piqued his interest. He’d tried other meal plans before, but none that “could ever get the shopping list right.” Not so … Read More

Meal Plan With The Most Right Here, Says Members

Meal plan with the Cooking Light Diet

It’s not everyday you find a meal plan that has a profound impact on every aspect of your life. Sure, they can save you time, but how many have you tried where the whole family was clamoring for more servings? Or that motivated you to exercise more, or eat less while on vacation? Cooking Light Diet members have found that … Read More

Ask A Dietitian: What’s the Deal with Intermittent Fasting?

Our expert dietitian Carolyn Williams shares her thoughts on intermittent fasting.

*This post deals with intermittent fasting and smoothie making. One of the many advantages to joining the Cooking Light Diet is having access to our staff of professionals. In particular, members can tap into the expertise of our James Beard award-winning lead dietitian, Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD, who’s been an instrumental part of the team since we launched our service … Read More

17 Reasons You Should Join the Cooking Light Diet Today

When you subscribe to the Cooking Light Diet, you’re getting more than a subscription-based meal planning service. You also have access to our Facebook Community, a public forum where our members can engage, support, and uplift one another.  There, real people are sharing their experiences with real, life-changing results. So if you’re not sure whether you should join, we’ll always … Read More

10 Ways This Healthy “Diet” is Changing Lives

We’ve talked to a lot of people who have experienced success incorporating the Cooking Light Diet into their lives. And there always seems to be a common theme amongst them. They say this isn’t a diet—it’s a lifestyle—and it’s changed their lives. And then they’ll tell us something that backs up that assertion. Don’t just take our word for it, … Read More

Best Diet to Lose Weight Right Here, Says Members

When you’re looking for the best diet to lose weight, the amount of weight lost is always going to be the barometer for success. After all, if you’re not dropping pounds, you probably don’t feel successful. However, in addition to weight loss, Cooking Light Diet members are finding success in myriad other ways. We asked members of our Cooking Light … Read More

8 Ways People Meal Prep with the Cooking Light Diet

Meal prep ideas from the Cooking Light Diet.

Meal prep doesn’t come naturally to everyone. To meal plan and lose weight, you have to come up with three meals a day for an entire week—plus snacks—and monitor your calorie intake. It can be daunting. But the Cooking Light Diet can help! Our site gives you the ability to customize meal plans, edit and receive shopping lists for those plans, and … Read More

Ohio Couple Lose 103 Pounds With Easy Diet Plan

*UPDATE 8/9/18: Liz has now lost 80 pounds, while Nate is 62 pounds down with this easy diet plan! Liz Striegl did the whole yo-yo diet routine for years, but she always gave up. It made cooking too hard. She loved cooking, but counting calories while cooking was more trouble than it was worth. “You have to hand calculate each … Read More

Sugar Macros Available For All Recipes!

Every recipe found on the Cooking Light Diet now contains updated macro nutritional information on sugar content! So whether you’re utilizing Weight Watchers or needing to be more meticulous about what you’re eating, you should be able to easily track sugar intake while incorporating our menus into your healthy eating habits. We’re extremely excited about this announcement, as it’s the culmination … Read More