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  • 10 Ways This Healthy “Diet” is Changing Lives

    Posted February 16th, 2018 by

    We’ve talked to a lot of people who have experienced success incorporating the Cooking Light Diet into their lives. And there always seems to be a common theme amongst them. They say this isn’t a diet—it’s a lifestyle—and it’s changed their lives. And then they’ll tell us something that backs up that assertion.

    Don’t just take our word for it, though. Cooking Light Diet member Debra Sivley Stevens recently posted in our Facebook Community, sharing some changes she’s noticed about her eating habits since joining. She then asked the group what changes they’ve noticed.

    Here are some of those responses.

    Andrea Haight is not drowning salads in dressing, not eating as many sweets, and drinking a lot more water.

    Members Kathleen K Rogers and Sue Buswell said the change they’ve noticed is how they’re no longer constantly hungry all the time.

    Elena Harris echoes that sentiment, saying she doesn’t eat the huge portions served at restaurants anymore.

    Member Donna West says her food cravings have changed since starting the Cooking Light Diet.

    Similarly, Kristine Elkins finds herself approaching wine and vegetables differently.

    Cyndie Moran has changed the way she thinks about—and serves—pasta.

    Member Anne Egelhof Ritchie is eating three complete meals a day along with making sure she stays better hydrated.

    Sue and Karin Roberts Foster have both noticed how much their families are enjoying mealtimes now, too.

    These are just some ways #theundiet has changed lives. How will it change yours? Sign up today and find out!